The Midnight Cowgirl (exit_eternity) wrote in icons4icecream,
The Midnight Cowgirl

When the iconing bug hits, it hits good. These are little quirks and quotes that I thought up randomly off the top of my head. Any resemblance to famous quotes is pure coincidence, I swear. Well, save the big one - which as become and inside joke.

x11 Random sayings


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Tags: text icons, text only
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Oh. OH. These are LOVE! Saving just about every single one. Will credit (and then look through your older icons, because *SQUEE*). Thanks! :)
Love them! I saved almost all of them too and will credit when I use! Keep up the good work!
Saving 11 and 6
These are all very awesome. Completely random request, however: could you change around 4 so it said "Wobble Wars?" (If you've seen Coupling, it makes sense.) If you can't, I understand. Taking 2, at any rate.
I haven't seen it, unfortunately, but I think now I might have to. XD

Anyway, it's no problem, here you go:


11 years ago

HEE! These are great :D

Snagging 6, 7 and 8!
Snagging #2,3
Didn't take any, but you should really keep making these, they're awesome!
♥ wheeee!
Will credit. taking 8 and 10. :) thanks
I took 3 and 9. 11 is awesome, but I think my flist might hate me for it, heeee.
I took #3 - will credit = )
Took #3 and 9 because they are love. ♥
Took #3. You didn't mention credit...
stealing a bunchness.
Less than 3 you. Excellent!
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