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[15] Apprentice to the Flower Poet Z quote icons.


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This is a book by Debra Weinstein, which everyone should read. It's a great, fast, easy read. Thanks to sunnysky for introducing it to me! <3!

Comment if you're taking, credit if you like them, and have some damn ice cream already.
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Fabulous icons! I've saved to memories in case I ever want to use any, as mine are all full - booo. Thanks!
I nabbed the "who cares?" one! These are adorable! :) Thanks!
took 4, 6, 11 and 15!
will credit when use.
I've never the book, but I love #5! It's so true. Take a stupid person, add on a British accent, voila! Instant genius for several minutes.
Yay, taking 15 ^^

Deleted comment

took number 4, will credit. thanks much!
These are great :)

I'm snagging 4 and 5 for future use in my journal. I'll give keyword credit when they go up. Much thanks :)

Mmm...ice cream! :D
what does 12 say?
took 4,will credit, thanks:)
12 says "Will you be my Nora Joyce?"
Took some poet icons for my friend and I! Thanks!